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Kivicube WebXR is a simple, fun, and powerful platform that lets you create Augmented reality experiences in a few simple steps. Its built-in features to make it easier for anyone to create, manage and publish their own AR experiences on website or mobile devices.

3 Steps to Create

Whether you are a designer, developer or marketer,

we empower you to create immersive WebAR experiences, no matter your skill set or business objectives.

Get Your Content Ready

Drag, Drop, and Build It Yourself

Publish and Share Your AR Artwork

Build Everything from WebAR to Ecommerce, Ads, Fashion and More

Create Augmented Reality experiences quickly and easily with Kivicube, a powerful platform that allows you to create your own WebAR or Mobile App on Android & iOS. Beginners will be inspired by the library of assets in our cloud-based AR assets library and your team can focus on design and storytelling without worrying about the code, while experts can use their own custom assets to create AR experiences. We have provided sample projects and tutorials for developers on how to use our SDK’s that allow you to get up and running in minutes!

Virtual Try-on Solutions for All Categories

Virtual try-on solutions are a new-age way of empowering businesses to deliver their customers a unique try-before-you-buy experience.
Whether you’re selling clothing, accessories, or shoes—virtual try-on solutions can help put your products in the hands of your customers before they even make it into your store.

With virtual try-on solutions, you can offer your customers the ability to explore your products in an immersive 3D environment that gives them the chance to see how it fits and looks on their body. Not only will this help them make better purchasing decisions, but it will also increase repeat purchases by making them more confident in their choices.

Inspiring Use Cases Across Industry​

The power of Augmented Reality (AR) is limitless.

Top brands across industry trust our platform to power their immersive experiences, which can contribute significantly to all verticals of major industries.
Learn more about how we has helped some of the world’s leading brands create an immersive experience for their customers.

Higher Engagement

Maintain customer engagement across platforms and watch your business thrive.

Increase Revenue

Increased engagement and personalization drive your revenues and sales to a greater level.

Competitive Edge

Adoption of cutting-edge tech to create a digital competitive advantage for your brand and outperform competitors.

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We’re so excited you’re interested in Kivicube WebXR. It’s a fantastic & fun playground for creators and it helps customers like never before. Kivicube WebXR allows customers to visualize how products will look in a real environment and they will feel more confident about what they’re buying, and that leads to increased sales.

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